Kirsten Kearse is a director and writer of television, theater, short stories,  and films.

She wrote on the half-hour comedy "BLUNT TALK" starring Patrick Stewart, created by Jonathan Ames and executive produced by Seth MacFarlane. 

She wrote and directed the play, A VOID, which won the ENCORE AWARD at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. 

She's contributed a number of short stories to the podcast "BEDTIME STORIES FOR CYNICS" hosted by Nick Offerman on 

Her "HORSEFINGER TRILOGY" has been featured at many renowned film festivals.

She was a fellow of The MacDowell Colony, a prestigious artist colony located in New Hampshire.

She's performed at UCBLA, read at The KGB (NYC), been a half-assed actor at Dixon's Place (NYC), played keyboards in all the hot Scandinavian clubs, been chased by horny steers through the Austrian Alps, and fake-sipped a saucer of blood in the Nigerian bush.

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Lena Dunham praises "The Horsefingers Trilogy"

"When viewed as a trio these slim dramedies are suddenly a searing indictment of the professional rat race, sheep-like belief in authority, and any other animal analogy for corporate uniformity that you care to employ. Like the magic pelt that hides Catherine Deneuve from her lecherous father in Jaques Demi’s Donkey Skin, a Horsefinger’s hooves are a symbol of defiance, an anarchic battle cry, existing in the gray area between point of pride and mark of shame."

Edinburgh Film Festival Review

". . . a delight from beginning to end. Deeply odd and amusing."